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8 things you must not do in a Mathematics exams.

Mathematics is a very important subject. It has made and unmade many students, especially at the lower level, where it is compulsory. In most countries, it is a requirement for students to pass before they can progress to the next level of education.

Why is mathematics so difficult for many people?

There are rules in life, and mathematics has rules and rudiments that people must follow to be able to succeed in it.

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Mathematics: How to succeed in a subject that many have failed.

In this article, we will look at some dos and don’ts in mathematics that students must follow in order to be successful in it.

We compile a few of them through errors made in the subject in a reputable examination. They are also the errors that mathematics teachers have complained about.

These mistakes cut across most levels, and they are worthy of note.

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Things you must not do in a maths exams

By Robert

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