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5 reasons that makes Ford cars special

History of Ford and market share in the automobile industry.

Ford cars are from the Ford Motor Company founded by the legendary Henry Ford about 119 years ago.

Ford is an American multinational automobile manufacturer which has its headquarters in Dearborn which is in Michigan.

The Ford brand is into automobiles and commercial brands. It also sells its luxury cars under its Lincoln brand.

Ford is a huge entity as it also owns Troller which is a Brazilian SUV maker, 8% share in UK Aston Martin as well as a 32 stake in Jiangling Motors which is in China.

Ford also has a joint venture in Changan Ford, Ford Lio Ho in Taiwan, AutoAlliance Thailand as well as the Ford Otosan in Turkey.

The Fordism brought in the elaborate engineering manufacturing which was in a sequence by a typified moving assembly lines as far back as in 1914, eleven years after it was founded.

It must noted that Jaguar and Land Rover were once under Ford until they were sold out to Tata Motors in 2008.

It was also the owner of Volvo between 1999 to 2010.

So you see that Ford is a legendary car maker and is famously known as the first auto manufacturer to have automated production as indicated earlier.

As it has stood the test of time over the years like the famous 2008 financial collapse.

As we look into the future, Ford will continue to be a car brand that will be offering the range of transport service other just a simple producer selling cars.

In this post, we ill be looking at 5 reasons that makes Ford cars special

5 reasons that makes Ford cars special


5 reasons that makes Ford cars special


If you think of getting a car in 2023, then that car should be a Ford car. Here are five compelling ways that makes Ford stands out strong competition from its competitors.

The first thing about Ford cars is their Ecoboost. Ford emerged as the first brand in the US to have started the production of smaller turbocharged engines. The company’s technology is termed it Ecoboost.

Its names denotes that the turbocharge engines along with its light weighing cars have plenty power, but uses less fuel there by releasing fewer emissions.

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The turbocharging has three benefits and the first of them is that it wants to keep engine cost down. If this is achieved, then the rest of the money can be used to invest in safety, infotainment as well as luxury features.

The turbocharging also offer higher fuel economy. With it, even vehicles that uses V6 power can now be given in a “fuel-sipping four -cylinder variant without losing any power”. Awesome, is it not?

The third benefit of the turbocharging is torque. It performs better than naturally aspirated engines when compared on the EPA’s fuel efficiency testing cycle.

Their Infotainment is what makes Ford cars special.

5 reasons that makes Ford cars special


Remember that Ford and Microsoft were pioneers in the then unknown sector of car infotainment.

They suffered poor reviews since it was first introduced in 2007. However their third-generation Sync 3 system is earning high marks almost decades later.

Its partnership with Blackberry makes their infotainment easier to use. It easily integrate Apple Car play as well as Android Auto.

This makes it possible for Ford clients to use Apple and Android interfaces on their dashboard display directly.

It must be noted that Ford cars rates 7 or better when it comes to interiors in the US for example. This can only improve as their latest sync system becomes a standard for their cars.

The third reason that makes Ford cars special is their Hybrids and EVs

Ford comes second place when it comes to sellers of affordable electric vehicles in the US

They also sell more Plug-in hybrid models than Nissan for example.

Their Fusion Energi outsold that of Nissan’s leaf and that of Tesla’s Model X through the first half of 2016.

Ford offers hybrids across their lineup. Their plug in hybrids along with their battery electric vehicles  are the markets best sellers.

The Performance of Ford is what also makes them special.

Yes, they continue to excel when it comes to the production of high horsepower muscle cars.

Ford is urging on with their GT supercar and continue to build Mustang variants with V8 engines.

We can also forget about their turbocharged and V6 four cylinder engines.

Even their small cars have power and this can be seen in their “hot-hatch ST and RS variants” of Fiesta and Focus.

Ford’s Unbeatable Value and Features is the fifth reason that makes them stand out.

Kelly Blue book indicates that the best brand to get an SUV with a budget of $25,000 is Ford. This goes to prove that Ford has upper edge over its competitors.

The design and style of Ford cars have been superbly bold. This began when their design studios raise its bar with looks that have an aesthetic appeal.

Amazing Features like “AdvanceTrac® stability control and Torque Vectoring control” are  in Ford vehicles. This  provides drivers and their passenger a sense of security and safety in any condition of driving they are engaged in.


By Robert

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