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3 students breaks their legs in an overnight riot in Fumbisi SHS over tribal issues.

3 students have broken their legs in an overnight riot that rocked the Fumbisi SHS. Dreamz news reports of riot that rock the school. Many other students were injured in the disturbances in the school.

The crush of the matter is something that is related to tribal issues.

The District Chief of the Area who spoke to Dreamz news said the issue started when a House Prefect punished a junior.

The said house prefect was later attacked by three students. These three students are said to have come from the Bawku area. They were possibly not happy that one of their own was punished by this house prefect.

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The attack happened on Tuesday and the school’s disciplinary committee sat on the issue.

It is not clear what the decision of the committee were, but students of the Bulsa side were not enthused about it.

They also decided to retaliate for the attack on one of their own, who is the House at the center of the whole issue.

It is this retaliatory attack which led to the overnight riot that rocked the school.

The students in a bid to hide their identity put off the lighting system in the school and then engage in battle of stones throwing.

3 students breaks their legs in over riot in Fumbisi SHS over tribal issues.

They also went ahead to vandalized other source of lighting in the school which they could put out.

The DCE further explained that students from the Bulsa side who did want to join the riot were also attacked.

Asked if they were other damages, he answered yes. He said the students destroyed the poly tank at the girls dormitory.

The three students who attacked the prefect were the only students who were picked up. They were picked and sent to Bolga even before the recent riot.

The Form three boys have been asked to go. This was the decision that was arrived at when the Regional Education director and Regional Police Command visited the school. A committee has also been set up to investigate the issue.


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