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3 armed robbers burnt to death at Moseaso in the Western Region

Reports gathered by indicates that three suspected armed robbers have been burned alive in a town in the Wassa Amenfi West district of the Western region.

The three robbers were burned to death in the Moseaso township.

The incident reportedly happened on Sunday morning. The report, as pieced together by the Daily Guide Newspaper and, is that the four robbers went to rob some miners.

Luck, however, eluded them as they were arrested, and the residents went ahead to hand this barbaric act on them by setting the robbers on fire.

3 armed robbers burnt to death at Moseaso in the Western Region

An eyewitness, whom the Daily Guide identified as Bright Agyekum, said the robbers were four and attempted to rob the miners.

They even shot one of the miners who was on the bucket of the vehicle the miners were traveling on.

This was after the robbers barricaded the access route of the miners. The robbers told the miners after the robbery that they should take their injured colleague to the hospital. They were actual sent their colleague to the hospital, but they were stopped by soldiers on their way to the hospital.

The miner, one Frank Arthur unfortunately died at the hospital.

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It was the death of Frank Arthur which incensed the town folks. They went out to search for the robbers and finally had them.

The angry mob did not send them to the police as they should have, but decided to burn them alive.

Three of them were said to have been burned beyond recognition, but the police managed to rescue one of them.

The burned bodies of the robbers have been sent to the Wassa Amenfi Government Hospital for “autopsy and preservation”.

By Robert

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