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2024 Caltech scholarships

Caltech which stands for the California Institute of Technology has opened the doors for its 2024 scholarships applications.

We will tell you more about this scholarship including the start and closing dates and what you must do to apply for this scholarships.

Caltech Scholarships for 2024: Opening date

The 2024 scholarships applications at Caltech  is opened. It opened on 22nd April,2024. The good news is that the University does not require IELTS.

Caltech scholarships for 2024: closing date.

The closing date for the Caltech scholarships 2024 is 26th May,2024. The scholarship is for all levels. It ranges from BS, MS and even doctoral.

The application for their regular action is January 2024 as the University has two admissions streams.

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Why must you choose California Institute of Technology(Caltech) ?

It is a private research Institute which is located in California in the United States. It does not accept IELTS, but rather Duolingo, TOEFL and any other English proficiency certificates.

It has high educational standards since it is equipped with the right educational facilities like laboratories, libraries, cafeterias and many more facilities that you think an educational institution should have.

Caltech scholarships application fees and acceptance rate.

Caltech scholarships requires application fees. The application fee for Caltech application is $75.00 and it is a non-refundable fee. The good part is that you can apply to have that waived for you as the fee can be waived under certain conditions.

The acceptance rate of Caltech scholarships is 6.7% and this is not hard as compared to other Universities.

Benefits(financial)  of Caltech scholarships

The financial benefits of Caltech scholarships include, but not limited to the following.

The most dreaded tuition fees, the most sought after accommodation,health and travel allowances, laboratory charges, research allowances and the needed monthly stipends. You may also get monthly Utility charges too.

Caltech Undergraduates scholarships.

It must be noted that Caltech only gives out “need based financial aid” for undergraduates  programs.

They do not offer merit based scholarships for undergraduate level.There may be external organizations and that of the government that may offer those scholarships.

A look at Fully Funded scholarships at Caltech.

Here are some fully funded scholarships at Caltech.

Caltech-Fulbright scholarships.

This scholarships are mostly for students from other countries who want to pursue education at Caltech. It is for Masters and PHD in all fields of study at the University.

Applications for this scholarships should be done at the Fulbright commission or through the USA Embassy in the respective countries.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity grant

As the name denotes, it is a government scholarship for undergraduate students in the University.

It must be emphasized that this scholarship is a need based one. It is always give to students who show financial need and it is interesting to note that the academic performance of the student is not considered during decision making to pick qualify candidates.

The other good part of the scholarship is that once a student fills out his/her FAFSA forms, you are automatically enlisted to be considered for this scholarship.

The part you have to play is only to express and well as prove that you have a financial need.

The requirement is that you  must not have completed a baccalaureate degree and must as well  qualify for a federal aid.

Federal Pell Grant Scholarship.

It is also a government scholarship which is awarded at Caltech. It is also a  need based financial aid for undergraduate students.

Its eligibility criteria is that you must have completed a baccalaureate degree and must be qualify for a federal aid.

Students who filled out their FAFSA forms are automatically considered for this scholarship. It has a maximum duration  of 6 years to able to meet the financial demands of students at all levels of study.

You can apply for Caltech financial aid or scholarships through this link.






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