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We will be telling you 2 reasons why Dr. Duffour is quitting the NDC Presidential primaries. We will also determine the possibility of him forming a new party after quitting the race.

2 reasons why Dr. Duffour is quitting the NDC Presidential primaries.

Last night, Dr. Kwabena Duffour announced that he is  has stepping aside from the NDC presidential primaries.

In a press conference organized on Friday evening, the former finance Minister and bank Ghana Governor catalogued reasons why he cannot be part of the process of electing a presidential candidate for his party.

Dr. Kwabena Duffour who was surrounded by family members and members of his team gave out reasons why he was forced to step out of the reason.

1. One  reason Dr. Duffour is chickening out of the presidential primaries is that he does not believe that the NDC is not ready to “conduct free and fair elections”.

He believes that he will not get a fair election during today’s election.

He gave one example to back his claim. He said he had assurance  from the council of elders of the party that there will be a fair play for all, but that seem not to be so.

“My concerns that the party is not ready to conduct a free and fair election is evident for all to see. Taking part in such would be akin to knowingly drinking from a poisoned calabash.  I cannot contest in an election which is blatantly fraught with irregularities regardless of all my efforts to draw attention to same.”

He added that he raised a number of issues in his court cases and the assurances given him was that those issues will be dissolved.

But after the case was withdrawn from court, the party leadership announced that the elections are going ahead without addressing his issues.

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How can the election go ahead when he had a problem with the voter register and that was not addressed?

2. The second reason why Dr. Duffour is stepping aside is that the party leadership told him that  they were going to engage the technical team of each of the three candidates.

This was one of the reasons that made him to withdraw the case from court.

The former presidential aspirant said  “Despite the assurances given to myself and my team by the Chairman of the Party, the executives of the party, in an act of complete and unacceptable breach of faith, went ahead to convene a press conference announcing that the elections would go ahead tomorrow, without having resolved the concerns surrounding the voters register as decided at the meeting of the Council of Elders.”

Will Dr. Duffour be forming his own party?

2 reasons why Dr. Kwabena Duffour is quitting the NDC Presidential primaries

Many are speculating that Dr. Duffour will be forming his own party. They give examples of rebels like Koku Anyidoho  and other other members of the Duffour team who are bad mouthing the party, chances are that he may be on his way to forming a new party.
Kwabena Duffour’s body language may be sending wrong signals too.
How can you accuse the party of fraud and wants to be part of that fraud in the future.
It is obvious that Dr. Duffour may be lacing his boot for new party and if he goes ahead to form a new party, will he succeed?
Many have also said that even if Dr. Duffour does not form a new party, his political future is finished.
This they say sterns from the fact that Dr. Duffour sent the party to court putting to jeopardy what they have invested and planned for months.
What do you think?
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By Robert

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