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volvo cars
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The number one reason why you must chose Volvo is safety. Volvo which was originally founded in 1927 was on the principle of safety.
Assar Gabrielsson and Gustav Larson, 1927 are quoted to have said:”Cars are driven by people. The guiding principle behind everything we make at Volvo, therefore, is and must remain, safety”.

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 Safety has been and still remains the goal of Volvo. They have the safest cars on most roads and takes their reputations seriously when it comes to safety.
Volvo is noted to have invented the three point seatbelt as far back as in 1959. It added the seatbelt reminder in 1972 and that of the “side impact protection system” in 1991.
If you want safety, then you must surely choose Volvo.
The design of Volvo cars is another thing that will let you chose it over others.
Unlike its boxy cars in the 80s and the 90s, Volvo has now brought in “smart Scandi” design images. This sort of ramped up in their new XC90 which one of their new generation models.
The look out of Volvo cars is one thing that is worth your money.
Volvo cars are looking  good and can only get prettier in the future if the design of the XC90 is anything to go by.
They are working on revamping its model line up.
The fourth reason to go for Volvo cars is efficiency. Yes, its efficiency.
Their latest innovation of the development of Drive-E engines is a smart move which helps to save fuel.
They are working on letting them become hybrid which will allow both petrol and diesel since their engines are modular.
Volvo seem to be looking into the future with its innovations. The launching of its Drive -E engines is one of such futuristic plans. Their hybrid capabilities is what is making many opt for Volvo cars.

Their plans of making an all electric cars will let them rob shoulders with brands like Tesla who seem to lead in that department.

The 7th reason to go for a Volvo car is their invention of the Whiplash protection system as well as their  curtail airbag.
Both invention took place in 1998.
The eighth reason to chose a Volvo car is that Volvo is also a family car. Remember that Volvo came out with the “rear-facing child seat”. Now the have additions like booster seat which are built in the rear seats. An example is their XC60 car. It is good and favorite one for families with young children.
It you are lover of self driving, then come to Volvo.
It came out with its 100 XC90s which has a self driving technology in it. This has make many of their customers enjoy their ride using their self driving technology.
The last reason why you must choose Volvo over the rest is what has been described as their coolest interiors.
The latest of their mouth watering interiors is in their XC90.
They introduced more of scandi-designs elements. Looking into the future, the interior designs of Volvo cars can only get better.

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